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Watch or rewatch this Morgenbooster and hear how LB Forsikring set concrete goals for what they wanted to do with their website. One of the goals: to increase their already high customer satisfaction which is actually the highest in the business. But how do you increase customer awareness with a website and how do you measure it happening?

Get the answers on this Morgenbooster where senior strategist Kasper Brødsgaard talked about the thoughts behind the new concept, how it was realized and how the concrete KPIs were created and used as long-term management tools.

CMO in LB Forsikring, Christophe Kirkegaard, told how the website strengthens LB Forsikring's brand by reflecting their values through services and expression.

Christophe Kirkegaard also talked about making the website a shared project, where everyone - across business levels and groups - work towards the same goal.

This Morgenbooster gives an understanding of how service goals can be made concrete and how you can navigate using these in a website project.

Kasper Brødsgaard

Senior Digital Strategist

Christophe Kirkegaard

CMO, LB Forsikring