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Courageous designers with empathy for people and planet 

Product, brand or business design. We are always dedicated to create meaningful change.

Dare to matter

Curiosity, boldness and freedom is needed to solve wicked problems and create meaningful change. Shared frameworks, radical candor and proven methodologies keep us on point and sets our creativity free to reach our and our clients' full potential.

Job openings

Reach out if you are talented and share our vision and passion. We might match.

Junior Designer & Content Creator (Aarhus)

Are you an aspiring content enthusiast with the skills to design and bring your content to life? Then you might be the student assistant we are looking for to assist our team approximately 10-15 hours per week.

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A strategic design agency, born digital 15.08.2000

Bo Steinicke

Client Innovation

Sara Marie Alvad

Oliver Vassard

Charlotte Pedersen


Morten Øhlenschlæger Andersen

Client & Operations

Mathias Louis Holdsbjerg-Larsen

Business Development

Frederik Schumann


Louise Wictoria Klinker

Design Thinking

Per Jackson

Creative Tech

Cecilie Goodley Dannisøe

User Experience

Nicklas Alejandro

Head of Digital Product

Kristian Ohm

Head of Business

Lisbeth Torp Christensen

Head of Digital

Simon Oscar Andersen

Senior Advisor, Digital Strategy &

Martin Moi

Head of Brand

Mathias Alsbo

Senior Brand Consultant & Project

Mikkel Primdahl


Jonas Haugaard

Senior User Experience

Linnea Forss

Senior User Experience

Ditte Brix

Senior Client

Mathias Spangby O'Neill


Sisse Haldrup

Senior Social Media and Content

Diana Dueholm Elmquist

Senior Digital Channel

Ivan West

Head of Good VibesCopenhagen

Emilie Fafner


Jon Jul Jørgensen

Senior Creative

Maria West Hansen


Amanda Stadler


Kristine Emilie Hansen

User Experience

Thomas Brejtenstein Jensen

User Experience

Marina Almanstötter

Thomas Alexander Woolff


Caroline Schultz Fabricius

Student Brand

Henriette Juel

Senior User Experience

Mathilde Kjær


Sophie Winberg

Junior SoMe

Annebel Tang Züger

User Experience

Christoffer Hjelm-Hansen


Daniel Winther-Korn

Alexander Fnug Soltani


Vida Seraphina Ott


Andreas Kryger


Camilla Lahrmann Christensen


Julia Kulbaczewska


Marie Asminn


Viktorija Valsø


Weronika Cyrankiewicz


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