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AI in Early Design Process

Wilders Plads 13 A
1403 København K
3.000 kr.

Do you want to know how to use AI to make your design process more creative and efficient? Focused on the discover and define phases of the design process, this one-day course shows you some ways to apply AI tools in your work.

The course is aimed at UX-designers, researchers, interviewers, and anyone who works with research, interviews, analysis, insights, and ideation, who wants to know how AI can help them in their work. 

Things we will cover: 

  • Desk research with AI – e.g. gathering information and user insights. 

  • Conducting and analysing interviews with AI. 

  • Distilling your insights with AI – translating all your data, knowledge, and observations into insights. 

  • Ideating with AI – generating and refining innovative ideas. 

In 1508 responsible use of AI is a key point when diving into this field, and during the course we will engage in important discussions and exercises regarding both planet and people aspects of responsible use. 

Course details 

Through hands-on exercises, lectures and group discussions, participants will gain a clear understanding of how AI can be leveraged to improve efficiency, creativity, and decision-making in the first part of a design process. 

Pricing and duration

The workshop is a one-day event priced at DKK 3000 per participant. Given the focus on practical application, it is a requirement for participants to have access to ChatGPT Plus. 

Questions and registration

Write to Lisbeth at

Linnea Forss

Senior User Experience

Lisbeth Torp Christensen

Head of Digital

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