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After having helped a number of companies develop (digital) products, services, processes, and strategies over the past two decades, we now offer tailored courses for any forward-thinking company wanting to innovate by design. 

We approach our courses the same way we approach our projects: From the user’s point of view and with the strong believe that you can’t know everything from the start. But you can continuously learn and adjust. That’s also why we offer design thinking courses tailored to your organization, rather than a one-size-fits-all product. 


Why you should join: 
Whether your organization wants to speed up your product development process, bridge the gap between strategy and execution, or needs a fresh perspective on that one hairy problem; we’ll look at it from an outside-in perspective together. Throughout the course, you'll become part of 1508, just as we become part of your organization. 


What a course typically looks like: 
We tailor the programme specifically to the needs of your company and project. Usually, our courses are two days packed with ideating, building, and testing, good coffee, and snacks (which you might have tried at one of our Morgenboosters already).  


How to join: 
Simply reach out to Thomas and we’ll take it from there – all companies in all stages and sizes are welcome. 

Thomas Brejtenstein Jensen

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