Morgenbooster Webinar: Design Doing is Strategy on Demand



Wilders Plads 13A

1403 København



Strategy and Business Design

How do you bridge the gap between strategy and execution? And make sure that the execution is driven by real user needs. That is what Mathias and Oliver will answer in this webinar.

Most corporate strategies holds the words digitalization, innovation, digital transformation or something similar.

But how do you bring the strategic considerations down from the ivory tower and closer to the needs of the users and make them executionable - without loosing the overview, the organisation, the meaning and the anchoring.

We have developed a framework to help you take any strategy and formulate it into a set of user driven hypotheses that are matured through design doing and constantly measured on market and user feedback.

The webinar, hosted in English, will answer these questions and is an introduction to our course Class & Network: Design Doing is Strategy on Demand.

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Oliver Vassard

CEO, Copenhagen

Mathias Louis Holdsbjerg-Larsen

Business Development Director, Copenhagen