Ferm Living

How do you encourage a customer to take that final step?

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Morten Øhlenschlæger Andersen
Client Design Lead & Operations Manager
+45 6166 3812
Brand Experience Design


Ferm Living was looking for a new design partner to collaborate on their new digital flagship store. The main challenge was to combine the unique ferm Living brand universe with a clear focus on e-commerce motivational tactics.

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We seeked to express the brand experience through the rich selection of ferm assets in a persuasive e-commerce design. Offering a high level of service and knowledge around products. We call this approach "Experience Shopping".


The solution was designed to the Ferm customers’ needs and experience expectations. Through a careful selection of relevant persuasive and motivational tactics we secured a solution that increases conversion.

The new ferm Living website is a digital space, where e-commerce tactics and brand experience are designed in harmony - a shopping experience, where you can feel comfortably you.