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Launch: 1508 Carbon Audit Tool

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As a digital agency, we strive to provide our clients with the most captivating design and exceptional user experiences. As a responsible digital design agency, we strive to do just that with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

If you’ve visited our previous Morgenboosters on low-carbon design, you might have already got an insight into the challenges low carbon design comes with and how these might be resolved. But there’s one more thing…

This summer, we’re launching our very own carbon audit tool. Join a designer, a front-end developer and a UX designer when we release WEB SIZE INDEX 1.0 – 1508's very own carbon audit tool that assesses website’s performance, page weight and carbon footprint, benchmarks it against competitors and provides you with tailored recommendations on how to lower the environmental impact. In this Morgenbooster, we will demonstrate the tool and dive into the what, how, and why.

Andreas Kryger


Kristine Emilie Hansen

User Experience

Thomas Alexander Woolff


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