Recent work that shows what we're all about

Visual identity for the new food market in Rønne, highlighting the liveliness and versatility of the constantly changing marketplace.

International brand site for the furniture brand, that brings their digital presence up to speed with their well-established and ambitious product design.

Visual identity and digital platform for the leading labour and employment law firm, bringing forth their emphasis on classic values in a revitalized modern expression.

Visual identity to The Danish National School of Performing Arts, tying together 6 highly different performing arts institutions.

Employer branding and digital platform for the atmospheric juice bar, helping them go global without losing their spirit.

Brand platform and a new name for the Danish fintech start-up, positioning them as a credible and affordable alternative to the established investment funds.

Digital platform for the educational institution, placing the school firmly on the international scene and creating engagement through inspiring content.

Brand platform and visual identity for the Danish educational institution, securing focus on the relevant context through a variety of logos, instead of a distant corporate entity.

Establishment of innovation hub at the Danish Customs and Tax Administration, helping them deliver more valuable digital services at a radically increased speed.

Customer research and service design for the eBanking solutions developer, helping them develop a more customer-centric generation of eBanking.

Concept development and service design for the car importer Interdan, giving people the opportunity to have a car without the hassle of owning or leasing it.

Business development and service innovation for the onboarding experts, helping newly employed onboard faster through a variety of tangible tools.

Brand experience design and digital platform for the modern art museum, putting art experience and inspiration in place of tedious art communication.

Digital platform for the oldest folk theatre in Denmark, helping customers through the purchase flow in a cleaner and easier-to-navigate site.

Digital platform for the largest law firm in Denmark, focusing primarily on client needs, instead of inside-out profiling of competencies, staff and headquarters.

Digital transformation and service design for the Danish Union of Metalworkers, helping employees, union representatives and members solve specific problems fast and easy.

Visual identity for The National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark, bringing elite, amateur-level and recreational sports closer together.

E-commerce platform and visual identity for the DIY knitting and embroidery company, offering newbies as well as experts help and inspiration with their next craft project.

Design and user experience optimization for the Danish design company, adding stringency and precision to their overall digital experience.

Concept development and brand design for the online grocery marketplace, positioning them clearly in a highly competitive market.